Intermodal ( truck -rail ) has become a viable part of the transportation industry over the past years. At one time rail was thought to be a slow inefficient way of transportation until the US rails updated their services. Now the rails have become a major link with over-the-road carriers providing rail service for them. More and more full and LTL carriers use the rail to provide the line haul on a majority of their shipments.

Intermodal Equipment:

Intermodal equipment has kept up with the times now offering a variety of different sizes to fit your needs. There are 20', 40' and 45' domestic steamship equipment that can be moved primarily to the West and PNW at huge savings.

The rails also offer 48' and 53' equipment as an alternative to over-the road. Door to door services are provided by American Carriers for timely pick-ups and deliveries providing a seamless move in Intermodal transportation.

All the major railroads are committed in keeping the equipment updated and adding hundreds of new containers each year. The time of 45' and 48' trailers are slowly being replaced by new lightweight containers that can be double stacked on the rail for cost efficiency.

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